A Beautiful, Well Built and Well Run City

Edmontonians deserve a beautiful city that is well built and well operated. We need to continually invest in our River Valley, and stay committed to a wise and ambitious Capital Plan that builds Edmonton for today and for future generations. We need to make sure our buses run on time, our garbage gets picked up on time, and that all the services we provide are meeting the needs of Edmontonians while being mindful of our city budget and your tax bill.

I commit to work for:

  1. Investment in protecting our river valley

  2. Investment in a vibrant and safe Downtown

  3. Completion of the Program and Service Review

  4. Better construction practices and performance

  5. A modernized public transit system

  6. A new parks and roadway maintenance yard to better service the fast growing deep south

  7. Updated Waste Management Strategy for 2018

  8. Sound financial management in a fast-growing city

    9. Effective Public Engagement

   10. Campaign Finance Reform