Weekly Update May 23-27

This Sunday we will be celebrating the opening of a new business with the welcome event for the Petrolia Mall Medicine Shoppe!

We’ll be partying at Petrolia Mall this Sunday from 11-1pm with healthy snacks, a kids’ art contest, and the Medicine Shoppe staff will be onsite providing health and wellness tips. If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the bouncy castle.

I am still monitoring the situation at Petrolia, as the owners and Loblaws are working together to find solutions that will allow new businesses to move into the complex, while being respectful of the existing businesses. I’m looking forward to those parties achieving resolution on this.

At Council on Tuesday, we received a report on the current status of the Metro Line LRT. It was, to me, equal parts frustrating and promising. Frustrating in the sense that, of course, the line is still not fully up to speed.

But, there is some promise - Thales has finally taken responsibility for certain deficiencies in the signalling system, and is working with the City to repair these gaps. We can also start taking the train up to full speed on the line except at the grade crossings. We’re also pursuing improvements to the signalling system at Princess Elizabeth Avenue and 111 Avenue intersections to reduce traffic delays.

Administration was reluctant to name dates for the start of full operations on the line since so many of deadlines have already come and gone. But I think that the report looks promising, and I believe we could see full operation within the year at very least.

Wednesday afternoon I sat down with our City Auditor David Wiun. We discussed moving forward on an audit of neighbourhood parks management, focusing on how to make projects like tennis courts and staircases quicker and more intuitive for community groups and leagues.

I spent most of Thursday at an AUMA Board meeting, where we discussing the upcoming Municipal Government Act changes. The MGA is really the Magna Carta of municipal governance - it has a profound impact on a great deal of the work that we do here every day. For me, changes to the MGA could play into our City Charter discussions, our work on annexation, and much more. I’m looking forward to seeing the draft of the changes shortly.