The Week Ahead - April 16th - 20th: playgrounds zones, secondary suites and cannabis consumption

Here are a few things I have had on my mind this week.

The 30 km/h playground zones are coming to Community and Public Services Committee on April 18th. I have been raising the possibility of clawing back some of the playground zones that I believe are an overreach in implementation - for example, in sports fields and green spaces that appear to rarely have children. You can read my thoughts on this topic from this blog. As well, you can read the reports on playground zones. They contain background information and options on what types of current playgrounds zones could be dialled back.

The second big topic of the week is secondary suites - these are self-contained dwellings typically located in the basement of a home. Currently, these are not permitted in lots that are less than 360 meters squared or in semi-detached, duplex or row housing. Council is deciding if we should change these rules and regulations to allow for many more types of housing to facilitate secondary suites. This can invisibly increase density, make homes more affordable for homeowners and increase the number of housing options for Edmontonians.

While this is not being addressed this week, I am looking to get an understanding of where everyone stands on the public consumption of cannabis. It’s coming and it’s coming fast and it’s up to municipalities to decide where people are allowed to smoke it.

There are two main ways smoking cannabis in public could potentially be regulated:

1) We regulate it like alcohol - people are restricted from using it in public with some exceptions

2) We regulate it like tobacco - there are certain restrictions on where you can smoke, such as near a building, but outside of those areas, you are permitted to smoke.

We have been out this week knocking on doors to learn a little bit about what you think on these topics. I want to hear from you on all of these upcoming issues so don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts, concerns or comments either by email at or by phone at (780) 496-8132.

Doorknocking with the Ward 10 team while we all wonder - why is it so cold this late in April?