We are fortunate in Edmonton to be home to a world class waste management system, whether that is our state of the art Enerkem facility or our focus on electronic waste. Like most things though, our waste management system has a lot of room for improvement. This is why I am committed to championing an Updated Waste Management Strategy for 2018. This Strategy will include a new, more specialized way of dealing with waste which I will delve into deeper here.

Read the latest Waste Management Services Business Plan here. 

I am committed to developing a more specialized Waste Strategy. This means highly separated waste, with different categories like bottles, compost, electronics, cardboard, etc. By separating waste more, we can better deal with it and cut down on sorting costs borne by the City’s Waste Management arm (costs that are ultimately reflected in fees). Naturally this will require more specialized trash bins and more specialized collection. The City would provide all of the required bins under this new Strategy and have collection trucks fitted with separate sections for each type of waste. It’s important that in approaching this we are pragmatic about not burdening homeowners with too much of their own separation and collection trucks with too many separate compartments. However, I think that we can certainly expand upon the two categories we currently have, much like Japan or France.

Our Waste Management System is world renowned, but we need to continue to be ambitious. Currently we have a goal to divert 90% of our waste away from landfill and to be returned to some commercial or environmental use. Our current diversion rate is barely above 50%. We must be resolved in achieving this goal and the steps outlined above will help us succeed.