"Through My Eyes"- Youth Homelessness

It’s not often that we get a movie day at City Hall, but on March 3rd, Councillors had the opportunity to spend an hour with representatives from the Edmonton Youth Council watching “Through My Eyes”. The film was locally filmed and produced by some amazing young Edmontonians, and centres around the challenges faced by homeless youth in Edmonton.

Youth who are struggling with housing security face a different set of challenges than adults, and need to be able to access different types of resources. One of the huge pieces of the struggle to support at-risk youth is perception - the feeling that they chose to be on the street because they want freedom or a certain lifestyle. In reality, the choices these kids are faced with aren’t choices at all. 

I would encourage you to take a little time to watch this film and hear the perspectives of youth who have or are experiencing homelessness - its pretty powerful stuff, and a good reminder of all the work we have yet to do on this issue in our efforts to end homelessness and housing insecurity in the City of Edmonton.