The Little Mall That Could

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a passionate backer of the Petrolia strip mall in Greenfield. In 2012, before I earned my spot on council, I started the Fix Petrolia Mall Committee with some neighbours. I remain just as committed today as I was then to ensuring the mall’s growth into a vibrant community hub. While development hasn’t always been as quick as I would have hoped, we have come a long way since 2012 and that is cause for celebration.

image1.JPGI am happy to share the exciting news of a new restaurant opening in Petrolia tomorrow. Good Stock is a healthy, homestyle, vegetarian restaurant and coffee shop that also offers catering. Congratulations to owner Brian Robinson on the opening of what I’m sure will be a hit restaurant. Developments like this are a tremendous boon to the community and city. Offering great tasting, healthy, and local food gives folks a stronger community and better quality of life. Strong local businesses are the backbone of our great city.

Tomorrow at 9am I will be attending the grand opening of Good Stock to enjoy the first cup of coffee. Come on down toPetrolia Mall at 11409 40th Avenue this weekend and check out the shop for yourself.

In April of this year, the City held an open house regarding the future streetscaping around Petrolia Mall, which drew over 70 people. The results of this open house coupled with a survey that ran from December 2016 through April 2017 have given us a strong sense of direction for the future of the mall’s surrounding area.

Some key insights from the open house and survey were; the strong desire for improved landscaping on the mall lot, improved sidewalks and parking lot accessibility, and a safer, easier to navigate four-way intersection at 40th Avenue and 114th Street. People also reported a desire for a mural of some kind on the unpainted side of No Frills, which could present an excellent opportunity to showcase local artists and community history. As well more businesses are wanted, particularly in the northwest corner. Of note is that62% of survey responders report visiting Petrolia at least a few times a week, a clear indicator of its importance to the local area.

Petrolia Mall’s revitalization is also being helped by the Facade Improvement Program expansion that will support mature commercial centres and businesses moving in. In combination with the development incentive grants we have in place supporting interior commercial construction, mature neighbourhood commercial centres like Petrolia are better set up and supported for growth now than ever before.

The Petrolia streetscape is being revitalized, because of a forward-thinking city program designed to rejuvenate mature neighbourhood commercial centres. I am proud that as a city we are recognizing the importance of these commercial centres in maintaining the viability and vitality of our mature neighbourhoods. Ensuring the health of these neighbourhoods and their attractiveness for young families will be crucial for the long-term well-being of our city.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge the incredible work that has been done to develop Petrolia by all the community volunteers over the years. To the good people of Greenfield, Royal Gardens, and Aspen Gardens who have given their time and efforts to this development, as well as Ian Hicks, the leader of the Petrolia Mall Committee, I sincerely thank you. Together we make a difference.


If you have time this weekend, I highly recommend checking out Sustainival, which opened on Thursday and runs through this Sunday. Located at Servus Corporate Centre in South Edmonton Common, “the world’s first green carnival” is exhilarating fun and greatly informative to boot. I was fortunate enough to attend the opening day of the carnival and I can assure you that it is a can’t miss event for all ages.