Thankful for the Path Edmonton is on

With a committed group of volunteers by my side, I have worked hard over the summer and fall to talk to as many citizens in each of the communities that comprise Ward 10. It has been an enriching and informative experience. As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful for the passion Edmontonians have for our city.

Like me, you believe Edmonton is a place of hope and of forward thinking.

I understand and embrace the complexity a big city faces where no one single issue or idea takes precedence over the whole. But I can’t ignore the big decisions that need to be made in the next four years. Decisions that will not only affect our lives, but the lives of future generations. That’s why I think it is critically important that your voice in City Council is well versed in the issues and ready to represent you now in these critical years of development.

I believe Edmontonians will make the right choice to continue the momentum.

A big city platform for a big city future

Here’s how we will make this city great:

  • We need south LRT expansion to Heritage Valley
  • We need more community hubs including a new South Seniors Centre and replacement for Scona Pool
  • We need a stronger economy through smart regional planning and collaboration
  • We need continued improvement of our project management systems 
  • We need a steadfast commitment to ending homelessness in Edmonton

I ask you to read my whole platform here.

I also ask you to look through the generous testimonials and endorsements I have received from so many Ward 10 community and business leaders who I’ve had the good fortune to work with over the past four years.

Learning from you

In addition to my very extensive and forward thinking platform, I offer these newer ideas and commitments resulting from many of the conversations I’ve had with Ward 10 residents over the past few months.

  1. A two strikes rule for contractors hired to complete capital projects for the city. If they fail to deliver to a contract on any two occasions they are eliminated from bidding in the future.
  2. Review of the Seniors property tax assistance programs. Knocking on over 10,000 doors, where seniors answer many of them, reminds me about how challenging it is for seniors on fixed incomes to afford any increased costs. 
  3. Review of 311. I was somewhat surprised to discover how much dissatisfaction there is with 311. The feedback is clear to me. When people need information about things like transit, swimming lessons or access to city facilities there is high satisfaction. When it gets more complicated and there are problems needing resolution, satisfaction declines.


But mainly I ask you to make sure you get out to vote on October 16th. Find out where you vote by visiting the Edmonton Elections website.