Reflections on swearing in

The typically powerful roots of family and sacrifice buoyed me as I waited to be sworn in to Edmonton city council on October 29th.

My feelings that day reflected my disposition as a leader in our city. I was filled with memory, with gratitude and with hope.

My family first came to Edmonton in 1910 when Edmonton was really just getting started. My great grandparents came with a young family and settled in the Allendale community. At the time, Allendale was a tightly knit community of German immigrants all working tirelessly to earn enough money to build better lives. It was a community of people who counted every penny, but didn’t squeeze them all when a neighbour needed help.

My great grandfather was killed two years later while at work as a labourer building the Old Strathcona Brewery, which is now a city of Edmonton maintenance yard tucked in behind the Kinsman Fieldhouse. His young family persevered with the support of their community and the hope that this place gave them.

This was the unfortunate ultimate sacrifice he made to bring his family better opportunities in a better place. This is what Edmonton continues to be for so many people from across the province, the country and the world. Edmonton continues to give people better opportunities in a better place.

The legacy of my great grandparents and their struggles are the foundation of my passion for service to citizens. It is the foundation of my passion for building strong connected communities. It is the foundation of my respect for the dollars hard working people contribute through their taxes to build the kind of city that continues to be that better place for so many people.

Thank you again the voters in Ward 10 who have given me the opportunity to serve our city and to work to make it a fair, hopeful and forward looking place that can do great things for our world.