Still Fighting for Petrolia

The No-Frills in Petrolia Mall has been a boon to the communities around it. It’s been very heartening for me to see the way that the communities around Petrolia have banded together to reinvigorate that space, and the addition of the No-Frills location has given the space new promise and life that it hadn’t had in years.

Petrolia Mall has been slowly gaining steam as a project. The addition of the clinic and the Medicine Shoppe have been drawing new visitors to the complex, and every community member that I speak to is excited to visit the new businesses that are planned there for the coming year.

Of course, the complete vision for Petrolia is full leasing in the complex, and we all know that is still a ways off from happening . But with each new business that moves into the complex and receives the support of the community, it will demonstrate to more business owners that moving to Petrolia is a wise decision. Mimi’s Pub, which is a proposed restaurant hoping to start construction in the old mechanic shop this summer, will help to further snowball the momentum that Petrolia is developing into a desirable community commercial hub greater than the sum of its parts.

Unfortunately, the proponent for the restaurant has run into a problem. Within No Frills' lease agreement is a no construction clause for sites surrounding the No Frills, including the parking lot.

My office, as well as the leasing agent and some representatives from the community, have provided letters of support asking that Loblaws, the parent company for No Frills, at least consider working towards a solution and be flexible so that this restaurant can be built.

To be frank, in my opinion, this is a simple matter for Loblaws, but a big issue for the community. What’s more, it serves no one to have that space remain vacant due to something as small as this clause in the lease. More visitors to the mall will enhance business for No Frills, and of course Loblaws by extension.

It’s my hope that we will be able to move past this roadblock quickly and amiably with the cooperation of Loblaws.