Smarter Growth and Important Investment in South Edmonton


Southwest Edmonton is currently facing a number of challenges which need to be addressed. Our city continues to be one of the fastest growing in Canada, and the majority of this growth is occurring in Southwest Edmonton.

There are massive transportation issues seen each day with significant traffic congestion and overloaded peak hour LRT cars. In one part of South Edmonton, we struggle with underutilized school space and in another we need more schools yesterday. On top of addressing the challenges related to growth, we are currently in the midst of a worsening opioid epidemic, continuing chronic homelessness, and increasing levels of mental illness particularly among children. These are not inner city issues, but issues for all communities in our city including south Edmonton.

On June 20, 2017, I hosted a meeting that brought together community and business leaders to discuss, strategize, and plan for these challenges and opportunities, and to build a new energy and strategy to address issues in Southwest Edmonton. I am aiming to host another meeting in the Fall to continue this work.