Transit ridership continues to rise in Edmonton and the Metro Region as a whole. The number of transit users has increased dramatically since 2003, and these numbers will continue to climb as our city densifies and our transit system improves. Busing is an increasingly popular option not just for Edmontonians but for all those across the Metro Region, and, with the interconnectedness of the region, there is a lot of cross municipality transit usage.

This is why we need a regional transit plan for Edmonton. With 51% of St.Albert residents, 25.7% of Leduc residents, and 22.6% of Fort Saskatchewan residents working in Edmonton, not to mention those going to school, we need a Metro Region plan. A plan for the entire Edmonton Metro area would reduce the need for buying multiple tickets and therefore reduce costs and hassle for riders. It would also create a more synchronized busing systems and one that would be capable of much larger scale transit investments.

Increasing transit opportunities for residents of the City and its neighbours will provide greater autonomy for people of all ages and life paths as well as increasing the talent pool available to employers. More convenient service to communities outside of Edmonton and seamless transfers between regional routes and local routes is a win-win situation.