Edmonton’s famous river valley is one our city’s most iconic features. Our river valley provides us with significant opportunities to enjoy nature along its banks and many trails. It also serves as a source of high quality water for the sustenance and enjoyment of Edmontonians.

The Whitemud Ravine, for my money, is one of the best parts of our river valley, and it’s right in Ward 10. That’s why on August 23rd, 2016 I made a motion that Administration provide a report on the following:

  • A condition assessment of the trail system in North and South Whitemud Creek Ravine, as well as an examination of the slope stability for these trails
  • Information regarding the condition of other ravine/river valley trail systems throughout the rest of the city
  • An outline detailing the reasons for the degradation of this trail system
  • Past and present capital costs associated with river valley trail repair and maintenance
  • Potential options and strategies for renewal of the trail system, strategies to mitigate against future trail degradation and the potential capital costs associated with these renewal and mitigation strategies 

During my time on Council, I had the opportunity to be a Council representative for the River Valley Alliance (RVA), a body that oversees the protection and development of our great North Saskatchewan River Valley. The River Valley Alliance brings the municipalities of Edmonton, Devon through Parkland County, Leduc County, Edmonton, Strathcona County, and Sturgeon County to Fort Saskatchewan together in an Alliance to protect the river. Since all of these municipalities benefit from the North Saskatchewan, it is up to all of us to preserve and protect it. In recent history the RVA has achieved many successes. Some of these include;

  • The RVA’s guiding mission, taken directly from their website: “We can preserve this river valley for the benefit of our future generations. We can protect the pristine areas of the river valley to ensure they remain the home of a wide range of wildlife and fauna... At the same time, we can enhance appropriate areas of the river valley by improving access, developing amenities and in doing so enhancing our quality of life.”
  • The RVA has had great success in championing footbridges like the Terwillegar Park Footbridge which not only provides access to the beauty of the river valley but maintains its environmental integrity as well.
  • The RVA has worked hard to establish and maintain generous trail access to the river valley, allowing people to enjoy its natural lustre while also keeping it safe from massive riverside developments that could negatively impact it. The RVA has compiled a map of Capital Region walking trails on their website to provide a source for folks who want to take in all of its beauty.

Our river valley is one of the best parts of our great city. I remain steadfastly committed to its preservation and to allowing all of the communities that it runs through to continue to have access to everything it has to offer.