The City is working on its Program and Service Review which is being used to “examine the relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency of City programs and services” and suggest improvements moving forward.

The Review defines “relevance” as simply why we have the programs and services we do. It aims to gauge the relationship between these services and programs and the outcomes that they produce, whether we need them at all. Effectiveness means that our programs and services are doing the right things to meet our goals as a City, ensuring that what we are producing from our programs and services meets our long term goals. Efficiency is how well our programs and services meet their targets and if there is room for improvement or gains in efficiency.

The Review currently underway is a multiyear one, spanning 2016-2018 in order to get the full scope of our current programs and services. I am committed to completing the Program and Service Review and completing it well. This will mean a continued effort to get feedback from the various groups that administer programs and services in our City as well as those receiving them. Getting this done in time for the 2019-2022 Capital Budget will allow Council to make informed decisions that reflect our goals as a City, whether social or financial.