Pleasantview Traffic Calming Trial

The traffic calming pilot project began in Pleasantview this week. There have been a few questions about the pilot and the measures that have been installed, which I hope to answer here.

Speeding and shortcutting along 106 Street through Pleasantview has been an issue that many in the community have been grappling with for quite some time. Community members have been working on this issue for over a decade, and have worked with the two previous Councillors before me.

When I came through Pleasantview during the election,  speeding and shortcutting, especially along 106 Street, was what I heard about the most at almost every door. This compelled me to make the commitment to the community that I would support the Pleasantview Traffic Committee, the Community League, and work with our Transportation Department to try and find an effective solution to this issue.

106 Street was never designed for the amount of vehicles that are currently using it; on average, roughly 8000 vehicles travel along 106 Street north of 53rd Avenue everyday, which is a roadway designed for 5000 vehicles; over 40% of this traffic is considered to be shortcutting. Additionally, speed studies have shown that 59% of vehicles travelling on 106 Street travel over the posted speed limit of 50 km/hr.

The trial measures to be installed aim to divert some of this traffic from the community, as well as discourage speeding along 106 Street.

The measures are not permanent. They are being installed on a trial basis, and will be monitored on a regular basis for their effectiveness. Additionally, other areas throughout the community will be regularly monitored. This additional monitoring will aid in determining whether or not the trial measures are affecting other roadways throughout the community. If it is determined that the trial measures are not effective, and are negatively affecting other roadways throughout the community, they will either be adjusted or removed.

If you would like more details about the trials measures, please visit this link. Mostly importantly, feedback on this project is being collected on an on-ongoing basis for the duration of the trial period. I would encourage you to please email with your feedback so that it can be recorded as a part of the project.