Update on Petrolia Mall

It’s no secret I have a dream that one day Petrolia Mall will be a thriving shopping centre. But I’m certainly not the only one. Most people who live near Petrolia have this same dream. Over the past couple of years I have been working with an amazing group of community volunteers to make this dream real. A centre we can walk to, letting us live and shop locally.



The Fix Petrolia Mall group is alive and well and we are still working hard to make this dream a reality.

We were very excited when Loblaws made the decision to open a No Frills in our community last year. Its become a place where I look forward to going because I always run into amazing and interesting people who live near by.

We got more good news earlier this year when someone who grew up in the neighbourhood and shared our same vision and dream purchased the mall (the mall/leasehold was purchased. The land was not sold). The new owner is working hard to turn the Mall into a business and community success story.

You may have noticed that the graffiti has been cleaned up, the potholes in the parking lot filled, and the building repainted. There are plans in the works to fix the roof, and stone work to be installed to help attract new businesses. I’ve already received numerous inquiries from people interested in leasing a space out. There are many businesses who feel they could be successful in this location especially with the community so demonstrably committed to being supportive.

The Fix Petrolia Mall group has met with the new owner and offered community support however we can.

We’ve linked them to City grant programs designed to support small business in our mature communities, like the Corner Store Revitalization Program, a pilot to try and encourage more local businesses to set up shop in mature neighbourhoods.

Edmonton Police at our request also conducted a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design assessment to provide suggestions to reduce the graffiti and illegal dumping.

How can you help?

While the new owners have been trying hard to clean up the vandalism, graffiti and illegal dumping we need your help to report it. Call 311 if you witness anyone dumping illegally, and 911 if you witness graffiti in progress (it is a crime EPS will respond to it if they can).

Please be in touch with me (michael.walters@edmonton.ca) or Jill, the Chair of the Fix Petrolia Mall Group (petroliamallcommittee@gmail.com) if there are other ways you’d like to contribute to making the mall a more vibrant place.