Update on Petrolia Mall

Yesterday we got some great news for Ward 10. Executive Committee just reallocated funding that will provide some financial assistance to businesses for facade improvements to Petrolia Mall. Four other locations throughout the City were also approved for pilot projects under the umbrella of Facade Improvement.

The funding will provide for up to 50% of eligible construction costs (max $30,000) per building facade, and up to 50% of eligible costs (max $60,000) on corner building facades. The funding ($700,000) was transferred from the Development Incentive Program, where funding is normally only allocated to areas along Business Revitalization Zones. 

This means that small businesses wishing to open their doors in Petrolia Mall will get a little boost from the City to renovate their storefront. This is great news for business owners, and for the community. 

Petrolia Mall has the potential to be a hive of community activity for Greenfield and the other surrounding communities. We’ve already seen the remarkable change that took place when the No Frills opened up in Petrolia in 2013. This funding for facade improvement could be the next big step in reinvigorating Petrolia as a community commercial centre.

I can’t wait to see the changes that will take place in Petrolia Mall this year, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming new businesses to the neighbourhood.  

Stay tuned for some exciting announcements this spring.