A campaign filled with passion for Edmonton.


Thanks to the 40 volunteers who came out this past Saturday and helped us deliver campaign brochures or joined with one of our door knocking teams.

Democracy exists because of elections. Elections are dynamic and meaningful because of passionate volunteers and voters.

I am very grateful for the support of the dozens of volunteers who have already helped with our campaign and for the growing list of endorsements.

My vision of great neighbourhoods in a great city is important and people recognize this and are stepping up to help.

My experience helping to end homelessness, to revitalize mature neighbourhoods and to include urban agriculture in new suburbs demonstrates my effectiveness and my passion to build a fair, vibrant and sustainable city.

Volunteers need to see passion from candidates in order to support candidates. Our campaign is filled with passion for Edmonton.

I was reminded on Saturday while door knocking in Malmo Plains about the passion our voters have. Phyllis was working in her beautiful garden. I walked up to her and told her I was running to be her Councillor.

She said, "I have two questions":

  1. Are you going to respect my money as a taxpayer? Tell me how?
  2. Are you going to make Edmonton the kind of city my grandchildren will want to live in? Tell me how?

I will spend the next few months answering these questions and many more. I am grateful for people like Phyllis who take the time to ask these questions and who are passionate about our city and it’s future.

Thanks again to all the volunteers and the voters who make our municipal elections dynamic.