Park and Ride -Today and Tomorrow

The future of park and ride in our City is a sensitive debate. Many people rely on those park and ride facilities to help them transition from suburban areas, where transit is not fully developed, to the core, where LRT and bus routes are more plentiful.

The park and ride facility at Century Park has a foot in both camps. The facility is certainly far enough south to be considered suburban, but at the same time, the developer for the site is looking at building 2500-3000 units of housing at some point, making it a prime location for transit-oriented development and density.

The answer to the Century Park problem has two parts; one part specific to the site itself, and the other a more macro solution. The first part is that Century Park needs to be both a TOD site and also has to provide service to Edmonton’s more outlying neighbourhoods, just by virtue of location. The City does own a portion of the site at Century Park - enough for around 300 parking spaces, which will help to meet a demand that will persist after the City’s lease on the land expires in 2020.

The second part involves the development of an Edmonton-specific Park and Ride strategy. This will be coming as a part of the City’s current Transit Strategy Review project. We need to have a holistic understanding of the ecosystem of LRT users throughout the City, one that allows us to plan with a realistic sense of current behaviours and how much change, and what kind, the system can tolerate.

I’ve been asking our Administration to investigate our options to maintain some amount of park and ride and to increase the capacity of our transit system. The following motions went forward at Transportation Committee in August, and the reports will be coming back in the next few months.

  • A report on an enhanced express bus strategy between neighbouring communities and Century Park LRT, and between the future Heritage Valley Park and Ride and Century Park.

  • Administration to work with regional partners to provide a report on a cost-sharing strategy for the Heritage Valley Park and Ride.

  • A report with potential options to develop a mixed use residential/public parking facility on the City-owned land on the northwest corner of the Century Park site.

Update (March 14, 2016):

Transportation Committee passed the following motion on March 9:

That Administration proceed to implement the following solutions by September 2016:

1. Conversion of free Park and Ride stalls to paid reserve stalls.

2. Increase the price to park in reserved Park and Ride stalls.

3. Designating time-limits and/or charging fees for unreserved stalls.

I remain committed to working towards well-planned Transit-Oriented Development at Century Park that will support Edmonton's density goals and help move people more effectively. 


Park and Ride Management Options – Feasibility and Implications

That Administration provide a report on the feasibility, implications and details of implementing the following Park and Ride management option: 

Identifying alternatives to increase the supply of Park and Ride stalls using existing, conveniently-located, parking facilities (private or public),

Sustainable Dev.


Due by:
Third Quarter 2016










That Administration incorporate the long term strategies and goals of the Park and Ride policy in conjunction with the Transit Strategy while implementing short term solutions to adhere to the high demand and the increase in users of Park and Ride.