21 kilometres - the distance of a half-marathon - or, in Edmonton’s case, the distance our snow plows and lawnmowers have to travel from the Southwest Roadway Operations yard to the farthest area it services.

Over these last 4 years, I have heard loud and clear that you have come to expect certain things from us at the City, and rightfully so. You want the grass cut, the roads plowed, and your garbage picked up on time. These are services any well-run city should be getting right on a consistent basis. But given the distance that our operators and equipment have to travel, it is becoming increasingly difficult and more costly to provide the level of service that you have come to expect and deserve.

We have made efforts towards increasing density in our mature neighbourhoods which does help reduce the costs associated with providing these services. However, Edmonton isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon. In fact, what has already been developed south of the Anthony Henday is only ~15% of what is planned, which is why it is critical that we begin the process to construct a new Roadway Operations yard in Southwest Edmonton. I am committed to raising this issue and advocating for this to happen during the 2019-2022 Capital Budget deliberations in the Fall of 2018.