Neighbourhood Renewal

As a City, we are responsible for the maintenance of roughly 4800 kilometres of collector and arterial roadways, which is roughly the same distance as driving from Edmonton to Mexico City. In order to maintain these roadways, the City invests a major portion of its Capital Budget each year to renewal projects throughout Edmonton.

In fact, over the last 9 years, the City has invested $3.7 billion into roadway renewal projects, with $1.12 billion of that in the last 2 years. Additionally, as part of the Capital Budget deliberations in the fall, it is proposed that roughly 60% of our Capital Budget, or $466 million each year from 2015-2018 for a total of $1.864 billion, will be invested into roadway renewal projects throughout Edmonton.

One of the main expenditures of the City's renewal budget is the Neighbourhood Renewal Program, which is funded through an annual tax level of 1.5%. Over the next 4 years, $550 million, or 30% of Edmonton’s roadway renewal budget, is expected to be invested into this program.


Council approved this funding model in 2008. Edmonton became, and still is today, the only city in Canada that has a program geared towards developing a long-term, cost effective approach to addressing critical infrastructure needs.

To put the success of this program in perspective, prior to the approval of the Neighbourhood Renewal Property Tax levy, the City carried out renewal in 53 neighbourhoods over the 22-year period from 1987 to 2008 (approximately 2 1⁄2 per year). With the new funding mechanism, and the current approved budget, the City will renew 69 neighbourhoods in the 6-year period between 2009 and the end of this year. (approximately 11 1⁄2 per year).

There are many factors when determining the renewal prioritization schedule for Edmonton’s communities. Prioritization is based on available budget, detailed condition assessments where neighbourhood infrastructure is rated on a numerical scale and averaged for the neighbourhood, maintenance history, underground infrastructure condition and material and coordination opportunities with priorities identified by City Council, Transportation, Drainage, and utilities companies.

What about Ward 10 neighbourhoods?

Click here for a chart which outlines:

  • The estimated time frames and dates for reconstruction/renewal

  • Drainage construction to mitigate flooding and drainage issues

  • Road Work outside the scope of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program for Ward 10 communities

Once 2015-2018 Capital Budget deliberations are completed, this chart will be updated to include any additional Ward 10 communities, which is why you will see TBD beside some communities. Additionally, since each community scheduled for renewal receives either an overlay or reconstruction, and not both, this is why you will see N/A beside some community’s tentative dates.

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