The Live Active Edmonton program focuses on raising awareness among Edmontonians on the importance of physically active living. It promotes and encourages citizens of all ages to engage in activities like sports, recreation, fitness, and any other form of physical activity. This means capitalizing on the ample walking trails, sports fields, and sports leagues we are privileged to have in our great City.

I am committed to championing the implementation of Live Active Edmonton and its various facets. Education, one of the chief aims of the program, is crucial in encouraging active living. This means increasing physical literacy and demonstrating the improvements in health and overall wellbeing from physical activity.

Live Active Edmonton has set out its high level goals and strategies for achieving those but it still needs a road map to get there and collaboration in order to see it through. As Live Active Edmonton says: “Quality active recreation and sport opportunities for all makes Edmonton a desirable city in all four seasons in which to live, learn, work and, most importantly play.”