Infill and Community Sustainability

Join me on June 11 to discuss zoning in mature neighbourhoods and its impact on school closures with Public School Trustee Orville Chubb, and Russell Dauk from the Rohit Group of Companies.

  • Host: Infill Development Edmonton Association (IDEA)
  • June 11, from 7-9pm at McKay Avenue School (10425 99 Ave)
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 Ward 10 is almost exclusively composed of mature neighbourhoods; communities built prior to or around 1970.

In the last 40 years, mature neighbourhoods in our city have seen a population decline of over 73,000 people. The number of residents under age 50 has declined by 114,000, while the number of residents age 50 and over has increased by over 41,000. In short, our mature neighbourhoods are experiencing significant population decline and ageing.

The limited amount of housing options and land in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods means that many young families cannot afford to live in or even near the centre of the city, and are deciding to establish their families far from Edmonton’s core.

One symptom of this population shift is the closure of neighbourhood schools. It is an issue I have been thinking a lot about due to my involvement in the Council Initiative on Community Sustainability, ELEVATE.

I believe that unless we intentionally work to reverse this trend, our mature neighbourhoods will continue to face school closures and see important community amenities close or move to the urban periphery where density is much greater.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on how to handle the growth of our city. In addition to the Panel discussion on June 11th -- set up to dig into these ideas and issues further -- the City is hosting two open houses to get feedback on the draft Infill Action Plan later this month. You can also provide your feedback on the City’s infill action plan online if you are not able to attend in person.