A Healthy City

The most important thing to each of us is our families, our children, our parents, our grandparents and the people we love. Families in Edmonton need to know that their city has their back. We must continue to support important community hubs, excellent recreation and arts opportunities, and the many wonderful festivals we enjoy. We also need to face and plan for the emerging pressures families face such as childhood mental illness, lack of affordable housing, and the worsening opioid crisis.

I commit to work for:

  1. A new funding program for the creation of more Community Hubs that make our neighbourhoods more walkable and help connect neighbours together

  2. Sufficient indoor and outdoor recreation spaces that are accessible for every citizen

  3. Less red tape and better funding for new playgrounds and community centres in new neighbourhoods

  4. A better plan for seniors including seniors housing in established neighbourhoods like Blue Quill and Keheewin, walkability, bus accessibility, and a Southwest Seniors Centre

  5. A City-Wide Children’s Mental Health and Parents Support Network

  6. A Family Festival Pass

  7. Implementation of Live Active Edmonton