Help us Get out the Vote

We’ve hit the final three days of the campaign! Let’s get out the vote and make sure Edmonton stays on the path to its best and boldest future.

Come by the campaign office Saturday (10am-7pm), Sunday (2pm - 9pm), and Monday (9am - 7pm) and we’ll connect you to the various volunteer activities planned to mobilize Ward 10 citizens -- 1913 105 Street.

You can expect good food, great company, and a chance to meet other dedicated Edmontonians. For more information email us or call 587.458.1046

Family, friends, neighbours, citizens, business owners and city builders. These are the people who have supported me in in 2013 and these are the people who I have counted on to run my 2017 re-election campaign.

My wife Kara and sons Isaac and Samson are at the centre of it. They live the ups and downs of these things more than anyone. They have dropped thousands of flyers, put up hundreds of signs and sat in the hot sun and in the cold wind as I went door to door talking to as many constituents as I could. As did our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews. It's all hands on deck.

My mother in law Sylvia has delivered more flyers than anyone in Edmonton. I would bet on it. Up early every morning through the summer, fall and now winter, she has walked from Allard to Allendale in support of me.

My father in law Don or “Mr. Dublenko”, retired proprietor of calculus at Harry Ainlay, has built signs, fixed signs and personed the campaign office for weeks. 

My volunteer campaign manager Shannon is a mother of two young cuties Nicholas and Nathan, a small business owner and fundraising chair for the Callaghan Playground committee. She has been so wonderful.

My new friend Azia, who just bought her first home in Ward 10 during the campaign and grew up in Twin Brooks, coordinated and lovingly pestered our amazing team of volunteers for weeks.

My new friend Jenna from Malmo just graduated from the U of A and played a giant role on our campaign as a “I’ll do whatever I can to help” servant citizen.

My new neighbour and new super friend Sahil, who just moved to Edmonton from Michigan to teach at the U of A and is not even a Canadian citizen (YET), has stepped up and helped whenever I asked.

Many long time friends and neighbours filled out a team that has brought us to a weekend where we can turn all of our hard work since our campaign launch last May into a solid victory on Monday night.

So many people have helped by volunteering, donating money and supporting me and I am so grateful. Every member of my campaign team and of my large cast of volunteers were just that - volunteers who love Edmonton and want to build a positive future for our great city.

Now let’s get out the vote and make sure Edmonton stays on the path to its best and boldest future. Here’s how you can help -

And I invite you to read the many wonderful endorsements from so many great Ward 10 residents.