Get Involved

Get Informed!

Agendas, minutes, and schedules for Council meetings, committee meetings, and public hearings are available online. Reading through agendas and minutes is a great way to keep yourself informed. You can find them here.

Share your thoughts!

Now that you’ve read through next week’s Council agenda, did any items particularly interest you? Is Council going to be discussing something in your community?

You’re welcome to register to speak at any Council meeting, Committee meeting, or public hearing. You can do that here.

Requests to speak must be received by 4:30pm on the afternoon before the meeting.


Every year, citizens are appointed to over 25 agencies, boards, committees, commissions, and task forces. These citizens have a unique opportunity to guide our city’s future.

Do you have skills or perspectives you’d like to use to guide our city? If so, you should apply to sit on a City agency or board. You can find out more about current recruitment opportunities here

You can also get involved locally. Your local community league is a great place to meet your neighbours, develop skills, and work to improve your community. You can find a link to your community link website on our About Ward 10 page.