I'm ready to work for you

Today is the last day of the campaign. The election is tomorrow.

I entered this election in April because I have been working to make Edmonton a better place for 20 years. 

The right experience and effective leadership matters

My career started at the Bissell Centre, where I worked as part of the agency management team and editor of Our Voice Magazine. Together we made homelessness and mental illness issues our city and province now take seriously. I later worked as the Executive Director of the Community Action Project and the Greater Edmonton Alliance.  We worked to revitalize mature neighbourhoods like 118th Avenue, keep schools and libraries open, and bring smart infill housing for families to older neighbourhoods while protecting farmland on the edge of our city. For the past 5 years, I have owned my own public policy business and have worked to create better communities and better public policy.  My whole career has been about building effective coalitions to make things better. My experience and effectiveness has been widely recognized.

I am excited to take this next step and help lead my city to a better place.

I work hard and I listen

Over the past 8 months, we have knocked on every door in Ward 10 and listened carefully to the concerns of residents.

We care about the same things. We care about sensible policies that include the voices of citizens. We care about wise financial management and making important investments in infrastructure and communities.

Based on Ward 10 concerns, I have formulated a platform focused on making our city work well and ensuring our neighbourhoods have functioning drainage systems, smooth roads, vibrant neighbourhood businesses and good schools. I am committed to reviewing the bike lane strategy, ensuring respectful development at South Campus, resolving the surplus school sites issues, revitalizing failing shopping centres like Petrolia Mall and improving east west transit connections to make the LRT more accessible to everyone.

The next council will have serious work to do. We need to develop the next 10-year Capital Plan and 4-year Capital Budget and we need to negotiate a better deal with the region, the province and the federal government to expand the LRT.

I am ready to get to work on these issues.

I am grateful for the confidence so many people have shown in me, including several endorsements from Ward 10’s community leaders, Mayor Stephen Mandel, former city councilors and many business and education leaders.

Our campaign has shown how hard I work. It has shown how well I listen. It has shown my knowledge of the issues in our city. It has shown my commitment to community. I hope I’ve earned your vote.

I believe I am the best candidate in Ward 10. I have worked hard to earn the votes of citizens over the last seven months and I have been engaged and effective at making things better for Edmontonians for the past 20 years.

Vote for me tomorrow, so I can get to work.

Gratefully yours;