Evolving Infill Community Conversation

With Ward 10 City Councillor Michael Walters


Tuesday, January 28 from 7-9pm

Bogani Café -- 2023 111 St NW, Edmonton 


While infill is one of Edmonton’s most important policy objectives, it is often misunderstood. I often joke that many Edmontonians love to hate the suburbs and love to hate infill projects too. Over the next 30 years we expect over 500,000 new residents to call Edmonton home, and we need to consider a variety of approaches, including infill, to accommodate everyone. 

Infill is sometimes met with opposition. People feel don’t have all the information they need to understand it fully, or perhaps they’ve seen or lived with poor design by builders who weren’t concerned with a neighborhood’s character. But building a more compact and efficient city means creating choices for residents. Smart density makes home ownership more affordable, makes our infrastructure more efficient, and supports community schools and niche businesses in mature areas.

We have some and need more examples of smart, well-designed infill that can regenerate mature neighbourhoods. We are developing a new approach that will build a shared understanding about infill in Edmonton and identify what we can do to collectively make choices that support the evolution of established neighbourhoods through infill development.

Please join me and other Ward 10 residents on Tuesday, January 28 to discuss priorities, shared values, and suggestions for infill in our Ward 10 communities. 

For more information on the Evolving Infill Project, visit the City of Edmonton website.