Nominate an Everyday Political Citizen

Edmonton is bursting with creative change-makers, tireless organizers, and passionate mobilizers - from entrepreneurs pushing for change, parents working to create stronger neighbourhoods, to engaged students or an invaluable member of your political campaign.


These emerging and existing leaders make our city the dynamic, vibrant and caring place that it is, so it is important that their efforts and successes are recognized.That’s why I am proud to announce that as part of the Open City Initiative and Council Initiative on Public Engagement, the City of Edmonton has joined Samara’s Everyday Political Citizen project.


This project highlights and celebrates outstanding stewards of positive change across Canada. We’re asking Edmontonians to participate in the project by nominating someone they feel deserves to be recognized. In early December, we’ll gather all of the nominees for a special celebratory event in City Hall and, in the New Year, we hope to provide ongoing engagement opportunities to leverage these incredible citizens’ strengths and knowledge. 



I’d like to kick off of the City’s involvement in this project by sharing my first nomination - Nessa Deans, a grade 6 student from Parkallen School who I think exemplifies the Everyday Political Citizen spirit through her involvement in municipal politics and community service.

But now it’s your turn. Who should be recognized in your community? Tell Samara today.