Implementing our Energy Transition Strategy


Going hand in hand with our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy is the Energy Transition Strategy. This is of the utmost importance in fulfilling our ultimate goal of creating a vibrant, sustainable City that is livable for all of its citizens. Edmonton has long been a City that has benefitted from its proximity to the oil fields in Northern Alberta. This has given our City a great deal of employment and economic growth. However, with the downturn in the oil markets and the dramatic increase in renewable energy performance, in addition to exponentially falling costs, and the imminent dangers of climate change threatening us, we need to make changes. This is not a matter of ideology or partisanship but of economic and environmental good sense.

Our Energy Transition Strategy is a risk management strategy designed to make Edmonton an energy sustainable city. This includes actions that will:

  • Reduce Edmonton's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to levels consistent with limiting the long-term rise in the average global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius
  • Increase energy efficiency and energy conservation in all sectors
  • Ensure Edmonton's energy delivery systems (for electricity and natural gas) are resilient to shocks and disturbances from climate change
  • Position Edmonton to participate in what is possibly one of the greatest economic opportunities in history

An energy sustainable city is one that meets these criteria.

I am proud of our ambitious Energy Transition which will see us move towards more diversified energy sources, capitalizing on Alberta’s status as Canada’s ideal solar power province. Our sunny, clear, and crisp weather makes for ideal solar energy capture in addition to the wind, geothermal, natural gas capture, and other options at our disposal. We have all the options in front of us; now we must responsibly execute our Energy Transition, something I am committed to implement.