Michael is an experienced community leader, he has been an effective and engaged city councillor always willing to sit down with constituents on any issue, and he is an important voice on a council maneuvering Edmonton into a future filled with change. I supported him in 2013 and I will again in 2017 because he is the best choice for my neighbourhood and for my city."

Susan Field- Lifelong Aspen Gardens resident and community leader


We don’t elect people to public office – the people who govern us – to be poll takers. We elect them (or at least we should elect them) because we are prepared to repose in them our trust in their judgment. Michael Walters has been a fair, considered, well-informed and readily accessible presence on Edmonton City Council. That is why, notwithstanding that I disagree with him on some issues, I will be voting for him in Ward 10 in the 2017 Edmonton civic election.”

Hon. Tommy Banks- Former Senator & Grandview resident


"Accessible, open, and collaborative best describes Michael over the past four years. Specifically, whether in person, by email, or phone, he has been very accessible during daytime, evenings, and weekends. He has also been directly involved with many of our community events, and helped with various issues in our community, including traffic and parking, new residential developments, infrastructure, our newly renovated community playground, and many other matters. As well, he has been open to input as well on a wide range of topics, and is always trying to learn what the community needs and what our perspectives are. Lastly, he has certainly been collaborative as he tries hard to reach consensus. Even during difficult discussions he has always been professional and dignified, while keeping an eye on the broader issues in our ward and in our city."

Monty Nelson- Vice-President Ermineskin Community League


Michael Walters has been a trusted and wise councillor for Ward 10. He successfully pursued all of his campaign promises from the last election. His resilience and hard work on public transportation and infill redevelopment has inspired many people in the area to rethink how beautiful the City of Edmonton can be for the future. At the same time, Michael has responded very well to community issues and has become a trusted advisor to the residents in the Yellowbird community. Personally. I endorsed Michael in the last election and will in this election. I am a loyal and proud supporter of Michael Walters!"

Michael Karpow- President, Yellowbird Community League


Michael Walters has been a great voice for our community.  We have seen a positive improvement in our community’s vibrancy thanks to Michael’s leadership on issues such as fixing the bike lanes, infill development and his advocacy for the improvement of Petrolia Mall.  He continues to be a champion for the grassroots community building efforts of our community league and has proactively engaged our citizens on how best to deliver the fundamentals like quality infrastructure and reducing crime in our neighbourhoods. 

Nadir Bellahmer- Royal Gardens Community League


Michael has a strong understanding of the complex issues facing our city, and tackles these challenges guided by an optimistic vision for Edmonton’s future. I really appreciate Michael’s tireless efforts to inform, listen and understand Ward 10 residents. He has also provided great advice and critical support to help my community address difficult issues.  It is for these reasons that I will again be supporting Michael as Ward 10 Councillor. 

Cory Doll- Past President- Malmo Community League


Michael has dealt with some tough issues in our community and in our city in his first term on council. He approached these issues pragmatically and has always consulted those most affected by the issues. Michael always seeks the best evidence, is opened-minded,  and willing to listen and learn. He is a leader on city council and will get our family's votes on October 16th.

Hannah Barrington and David Jones- Pleasantview 


South Edmonton has great neighbourhoods because of the drive and passion of people like Michael. Long before he was elected to City Council, "Organizer Mike" was an energetic and determined advocate for our part of the city. Since his election, I've been consistently impressed by Michael's handling of tricky issues such as bike lanes, infill housing and neighbourhood renewal. Despite the demands of the job, Michael has continued to repay our trust in him as our representative by listening to and staying connected with his constituents.

Ian Hicks- Former President- Greenfield Community League