Vote for an Emerging Edmonton

As we head into the final few days of the campaign I am feeling very positive about Edmonton’s future.

I am also feeling steadfast that the path we are on is the right path. We are building a city for the future, for our kids and grandkids. We are finally seriously tackling important issues like smarter urban growth, building real mass transit and regional economic development. We need to press forward.

I am also feeling flexible which any political leader should. As much as we need to be steadfastly focused on our big goals as a city we must be flexible about how we achieve them. We always need to be looking for better ideas to help us achieve our best future and we need to learn from past mistakes. I am committed to working with citizens to find those better ideas. In fact my whole career has been built on working with citizens to find better ideas.

Vote for the Emerging Edmonton on October 16th.

Our ideas must be about how we embrace and shape what is emerging in our city. We can’t only be concerned about what and who is established. We must build on what is established and not be afraid of a different future, a sustainable future where each of us, each of our neighbourhoods and communities contribute to that future.

After all- we are all in this together. I believe this more than ever. I hope you do to. I hope you will vote for a positive future for Edmonton on October 16th.

You can read about my platform here.