Edmonton New Technology Society

This weekend, I’m going to be attending a great event in Edmonton - the reopening of the Edmonton New Technology Society.

The Edmonton New Technology Society is a local Makerspace where members can gather to create, build, repair, and work on projects in an open and inclusive environment. The space offers members the tools they need to get creative and collaborative on projects. It’s a combination of a clubhouse and a community workshop space.

We often talk about projects like Make Something Edmonton that encourage Edmontonians to create great startups or products. In the spirit of that maker’s spirit, ENTS members work on projects, through metal work or cooking or woodworking or other hands-on skills.

These practical skills, while very necessary, have fallen to the wayside to a degree as our culture shifts towards convenience. ENTS offers Edmontonians the opportunity to reconnect with those skills, all while meeting great, like-minded people.

ENTS is a co-op organization, and they are welcoming new members all the time. If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to join me in checking out the open house this weekend. It will run from 11 am to 7 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. They are located on the corner of 121 Avenue and 68th Street, below the MMA gym. You can check them out at their website at www.ents.ca, and I hope to see you there this weekend to support local makers and community builders.