A Message from Dave Hancock

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you today to seek your support for Michael Walters in Ward 10 on October 16!

Over the years that I represented you as the MLA for Edmonton Whitemud in the provincial Legislature, you supported me and you never hesitated to provide your advice. I know that you care - about quality representation and about our community!

During my time in office I worked with many community leaders, people who brought their vision of what would make Edmonton and our community a great place to live and raise our families. In that capacity I met and worked with Michael Walters.

I can say unequivocally that Michael Walters is a passionate contributor who shows up to help, provides thoughtful advice, and rolls up his sleeves to get the job done. He is thoughtful and passionate – and he has served us well on City Council.

During my time representing southwest Edmonton, I saw the commitment Michael has to his community. Michael is accessible and he puts his background working in and with the community to good use on council. He is a collaborator and works well to get things done but is not afraid to speak up and speak out on behalf of his constituents. While we have not agreed on all issues I always found Michael to be honest, open, forthright and prepared, just what we want in a trusted representative.

Michael shines above all other candidates in this Ward 10 race because of two very essential attribute - Michael listens and he is knowledgable about all the issues a city councillor should be knowledgable about!

The ability to listen to constituents, to seek understanding, to care about constituent views and issues - is the most important attribute of a representative. A good listener seeks to hear and understand, asks questions to clarify and then works collaboratively and thoughtfully to discuss sensible solutions. A good listener is not telling you his solution before you have articulated your concerns. My experience with Michael Walters is just that. Michael Walters listens!

This is sure to be a competitive race! Every vote will count! On October 16 I encourage you to vote for Michael Walters.

Dave Hancock
Former Alberta Premier and Former MLA Edmonton Whitemud