A Healthy City


An emerging issue that is becoming more relevant to many Edmonton families is the issue of Childhood Anxiety and mental illness. I am interested in working together with Parent Link Centres and CASA, as examples, to develop a Parents Support Network for parents of children with Childhood Anxiety and mental illness.

Unchecked childhood mental illness and anxiety disorders could lead to serious addictions issues and other severe health and social issues.


EndPoverty Edmonton identified early learning and childcare as key areas of focus to support families to transition out of poverty. I’ve been an active supporter of EndPoverty Edmonton and supported the creation of the Early Learning and Care Steering Committee, and will continue my support of the work towards an integrated, high quality system of early learning and child care that is affordable and accessible to all Edmontonian families.

I supported the recent motion to city council to investigate further opportunities to increase the supply of early learning and care services in Edmonton.


Families in Edmonton need to be supported to ensure the best possible outcomes for their children. Having been involved in the work of a local early years coalition, I understand that many children in Edmonton are experiencing difficulty or great difficulty in one or more key areas of development.

Using the Early Childhood Mapping data will continue to help us plan and support communities that are responsive and healthy for our children to grow in. The City of Edmonton needs to stay engaged with the Province of Alberta, and inform them continuously about the importance of continuing to collect this data.