The Provincial Government, through the Local Authorities Elections Act, dictates who can donate to municipal campaigns, and how much they can donate - as I was in 2013, I am committed to ensuring that my campaign is transparent about who has donated and how much they have donated.

While the Provincial Government has eliminated the possibility of corporations and unions donating to candidates running in a Provincial election, a municipality does not have the ability to make that decision on their own, which is why I was happy to support a Council approved motion in July of 2015 that stated the following:

That the Mayor write a letter and/or advocate to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Premier:

  1. Requesting that the city be given be the ability to independently establish campaign finance and disclosure rules in advance of the 2017 Municipal Election, either via the City Charter or other means.
  2. Notwithstanding desiring the autonomy for municipalities to set the other campaign finance and disclosure rules, Edmonton calls for amendments to the Local Authorities Elections Act to eliminate corporate and union donations for all local election candidates.
  3. Requesting that should the legislature move to limit corporate and union contributions for all local elections, that the province level the playing field by introducing tax credit eligibility for local election donations.
  4. That restrictions on contributions and related disclosure requirements be the same for third party advocacy groups/individuals as they are for municipal candidates.

This work did not advance as quickly as Council had hoped, but I look forward to continuing to engage with the Provincial government to ensure that municipalities throughout Alberta have more autonomy when it comes to decisions regarding campaign contributions.