GPS Snow Removal

Winter in Edmonton is always coming and it’s never too early to get prepared. On a personal note my snowshoes are by the front door ready for that first beautiful snowfall. Bring it on! From a city perspective we need to get prepared for snow.

Growing our Non-Residential Tax Base

City Council is about to debate our first ever three-year operating budget starting next month. As we consider this budget and future budgets, it is time to elevate the conversation on Council and among citizens about the importance of non-residential taxes. We have an opportunity to build our industrial tax base, innovate our economy, and reduce tax increases for residents while still keeping up with core service demands and our ambitious city building agenda.

Everyday Political Citizen: Happy Election Day!

Nominate a local leader for the Everyday Political Citizen Project today!


Complementary Transit: BRT in Edmonton

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a blog post on the Century Park Park and Ride that an upgraded system of express buses might be one way to supplement the loss of parking at Century Park. Fortuitously, today’s Transportation Committee featured a discussion of a different sort of bus network, one that could also improve the transit situation in south Edmonton: Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT for short.

The New Wave: Reconciling Uber with Edmonton's Bylaws

Nobody can say that the job of a City Councillor is boring. This afternoon’s meeting on vehicle for hire and ride-sharing regulations was a little tumultuous at times. In fact council was holed up in our bunker for around an hour as meeting attendees reacted angrily in our chambers.

Edmonton's Infill Roadmap is 1 Year Old

Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap is one year old. It is a good time to look back over the past year and reflect on our progress, particularly in light of the Infill Roadmap Progress Report. The roadmap was built to address our rapid growth and challenges facing mature communities. Edmonton has to grow much differently in the next thirty years than we did in the last thirty. In order to do this effectively we need to ensure the proper checks and balances are in place for builders and communities.

LRT is Still Our Future

LRT is the future of this city.

Let's Get a Move on: Edmonton's Ride-Sharing Bylaws

As summer fades out, we’ve come back around to one of the top issues from last winter, that of ride-sharing companies operating in the City.

The Everyday Political Citizen Contest 2015

Each year, the Samara Foundation runs the Everyday Political Citizen contest, which recognizes Canadians who’ve made invaluable contributions to their communities through volunteerism. The City of Edmonton joined up with Samara in 2014, and will be doing so again this year.

The Metro Line Auditor's Report

The Metro line fiasco has turned into an ominously dark cloud over our otherwise bright and hopeful city.

Park and Ride at Century Park

Residents of Ward 10 and areas to the south have been using the Century Park Station Park and Ride for the last 5 years. Many of you know Park and Ride was never meant to be permanent, but some may not.

Protecting Mature Trees Maintains Neighbourhood Character

With the imminent change of of much of our tree canopy to its fall colours, yesterday Executive Committee was discussing a report on maintaining trees in mature neighbourhoods.

Metro Line Update

To say the Metro Line situation is frustrating for Council and for the city is putting it lightly. The train line was supposed to open April 2014, but now it looks like the system will only be opened with reduced service next month. We still don’t know how long it will be until it’s opened for full service. We have retained the services of an additional independent rail safety consultant to get us the answers we need.

Pleasantview Traffic Calming Trial

The traffic calming pilot project began in Pleasantview this week. There have been a few questions about the pilot and the measures that have been installed, which I hope to answer here.

Busy Week at City Hall

As a marathon week at Council comes to an end, and as many important topics were discussed and debated at Council, I would like to provide you with an update on a few of the items that garnered the most attention, such as the Metro Line, Bike Lanes and the important work of the Edmonton Youth Council.