Doubling a Population Without Doubling the Land

This past week at the Urban Planning Committee, we received the new City Plan that outlines how our city will continue to build as Edmonton grows and expands.

A Transformative Week for Edmonton

Since Council’s been back in session, we’ve hit the ground running with a big couple of weeks and some exciting changes for our city. I’m excited to be actively engaged in some major developments in the city leading us towards a smarter and sustainable future, a more active city, and an inclusive and affordable Edmonton.

Looking ahead to big budget season

The City’s four-year operating and capital budget plans are being discussed in a few months, and going into this season, I want to outline some important factors that we all must keep in mind when discussing something that impacts every single citizen, business, and property across our city.

Conservative on Cannabis Consumption

All Edmontonians should have the opportunity to live their lives free from the harmful impacts of drugs, second-hand smoke and alcohol. With this in mind, I plan to make amendments to the proposed bylaw at Council next week to restrict cannabis consumption in parks where there are playgrounds and sports fields and especially where there are parks that are primarily programmed for children. We must stay in line with the City’s principle of drug, alcohol and tobacco-free youth and protect all Edmontonians from unwanted repercussions of cannabis legalization. As the country makes this transition, it’s imperative that we be prepared to maintain restrictions on cannabis consumption to align with Edmonton’s goals to promote a healthy, livable city.

Big Moves: Inclusive Communities and Building Better

Edmonton is growing rapidly, and more and more of that growth needs to be in the core. The next challenge is make that new housing in the core more affordable. This is focus of the Infill Roadmap 2.0. But first we need to reflect briefly on our recent efforts.

What is a Smart City?

Edmonton is now one of the finalists to compete in the next phase of Infrastructure Canada's Smart Cities Challenge. Finalists were announced this morning at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Conference.

Out of 132 applicants, only 20 moved onto Phase 2, with Edmonton competing for $50 million in the top prize category against proposals from Montreal, Quebec City, Waterloo Region, and Vancouver/Surrey. The next Phase of competition will award Edmonton with a $250,000 grant from Infrastructure Canada to further develop our proposal before a winner is decided.

Climate Leadership Requires ... Leadership

In December 2015, Canada ratified the Paris Agreement to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C but closer to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. As a Canadian city, we must respond to this international call to action and reduce our carbon emissions by at least 30% (from 2005 levels) by 2030 according to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Update: Playground Zones Review Results

Here is a quick update on playground zones. After much debate at the last City Council meeting we passed the following motion to address most of the major concerns that we heard on the topic:

A Focused Housing Plan - With Permanent Supportive at the Top

In 2016 there were over 1700 homeless people and over 48,000 renter households experiencing housing affordability issues in Edmonton. With only 18,000 affordable housing units in Edmonton, there is a severe supply gap of 916 permanent supportive housing units 25,484 social housing units and 21,550 affordable housing units.

Crosswalks, Playground Zones, and residential speed limits.

This week Council will be talking about playground zones and residential speed limits. Improving the safety of road users is paramount - but we need to better understand our priorities and look at the whole picture to find the best way forward.

The Week Ahead - April 16th - 20th: playgrounds zones, secondary suites and cannabis consumption

Here are a few things I have had on my mind this week.

Property Assessed Clean Energy: A Green Financing Tool for the average household

Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy Annual Report was presented to Executive Committee this week. While we are well on our way on phase 2 of our strategy: “Implementation of 7-Key Energy Transition Actions” there is still work to do.

Lendrum Housing and the Alternative Approach to Community Consultation

It has always been important to me to provide affordable housing to all areas of the City. We took a big step in that direction yesterday.

Regional Agricultural Master Plan Task Force

Municipalities can be key decision-makers about food security and farmland preservation in Alberta. But if we’re serious, we must collaborate and strategize with our neighbouring municipalities to make sure our prime agricultural land is preserved regionally and that we have an excellent vision for a strong local food and agricultural economy. Development of the new Regional Agricultural Master Plan (RAMP) started just last week and we have the following goals:

• Identify a supply of Prime Agricultural land to conserve for future food security

• Reduce fragmentation and conversions of agricultural land

• Promote the growth and diversification of the agri-economy

The Week in Review February 12 - 16

This week in City Hall: Knees, ankles, ugly parking lots, and smart transit cards.