Fairness for Edmonton

Sharing the costs of a growing region.

I’m a believer that a strong Edmonton makes for a strong Capital Region, and vice versa. However, we need to start sharing the costs associated with our region’s growth. This way, we can all feel good about sharing the benefits. 

A commitment to well managed and modern transportation

Edmonton was built for cars. Like many North American cities, Edmonton has enormous roadway infrastructure, and like many winter cities we are struggling to transition to a more diversified transportation system. 

A fair shake for mature neighbourhoods

It’s pretty safe to say that a great deal of Edmonton’s financial, political and creative capital has been expended in downtown and new suburbs in the last 15 years. Edmonton has grown and changed a lot. It's exciting.

"Responsible" borrowing.

Updated: September 11th, 2013.

"Responsible" borrowing is a regrettable but necessary tool for big cities.

Since I began door-knocking in April many voters have raised the issue of our city’s debt. Many are worried about "frivolous spending" and our ability to pay it off.

Looking out for Lilly in Landsdowne

I met Lilly Wednesday night in Lansdowne. She is a senior and a widow. She raised her family in the house she has lived in now for over 50 years.

Lilly doesn’t move around the city much. She doesn’t go downtown. She doesn’t go to Hawrelak Park. She takes the bus to Southgate when she needs the basics.

Building and growing and changing city

Get ready to welcome 300,000 people to Edmonton. They are not all coming tomorrow of course. But over the next 20-30 years, they’ll move to our city at a steady rate thanks to Alberta’s economy, which is leading the country in job growth.

The way we spend

Some have started to muse that this fall’s municipal election could be defined by one question:
Should the city get back to the basics and invest only in our roads and core services or be bold and invest in projects that grow our culture, creativity and vibrancy?

A Community Standard that Improves the Community

‘Community Standards’ are a tricky concept. They’re more of a moving target, rather than a set of defined rules. And this isn’t truer than in Edmonton, where our Community Standards Bylaw gives no clear direction about how the city is to deal with or name commercial properties that have been run down.

A campaign filled with passion for Edmonton.


Thanks to the 40 volunteers who came out this past Saturday and helped us deliver campaign brochures or joined with one of our door knocking teams.

Democracy exists because of elections. Elections are dynamic and meaningful because of passionate volunteers and voters.

Help us Blitz Ward 10 on June 15th

I am grateful for the amazing volunteers who have already spent so much of their time helping us connect to the voters of Ward 10. My vision and experience are resonating.

This is a reminder that next Saturday, June 15, we will be having the first Michael Walters for Ward 10 Flyer Dropping Blitz! Please support the campaign by spending a couple of hours ensuring that my literature is in as many mailboxes as possible across Ward 10.

A better deal for South Campus neighbourhoods

The University of Alberta is planning to develop its South Campus (lands otherwise known as the University Farm). Of course, this isn’t new to the communities neighbouring this area, who for years have been wondering about the direction of this development.

Getting Edmonton's Fair Share

Updated June 4th, 2013

After my first 6 weeks on the doors I would like to thank the great folks in Parkallen, Grandview, Greenfield and Pleasantview for their hospitality and openness when I have come knocking.

I am always grateful when citizens take the time to share their views about our city and their ideas about how to make it better.

It is no surprise the state of our roads and the downtown arena were major topics of discussion on the doorstep.


Hello neighbours;

Welcome to the Michael Walters for Ward 10 Website.

I am excited to announce that I am running to serve the citizens of Ward 10 on City
Council. The election will be held on October 21st, 2013.