No Job Like It

On the eve of the election I was thinking about the entire process of running for city council, or any political office. It is the world’s longest job interview. You don’t have to impress the boss. You need to connect with your employers. And I know from experience that there are a lot of employers in the form of residents in Ward 10!

Playground Zones are important—but fields?

City Council unanimously approved playground zone speed limits based on good research. 50% of injuries involving children and cars occur in these kinds of spaces on our streets.

Help us Get out the Vote

We’ve hit the final three days of the campaign! Let’s get out the vote and make sure Edmonton stays on the path to its best and boldest future.

Come by the campaign office Saturday (10am-7pm), Sunday (2pm - 9pm), and Monday (9am - 7pm) and we’ll connect you to the various volunteer activities planned to mobilize Ward 10 citizens -- 1913 105 Street.

You can expect good food, great company, and a chance to meet other dedicated Edmontonians. For more information email us or call 587.458.1046

Vote for an Emerging Edmonton

As we head into the final few days of the campaign I am feeling very positive about Edmonton’s future.

Thankful for the Path Edmonton is on

With a committed group of volunteers by my side, I have worked hard over the summer and fall to talk to as many citizens in each of the communities that comprise Ward 10. It has been an enriching and informative experience. As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful for the passion Edmontonians have for our city.

Nomination Day - We’re official

I filed my nomination papers today at 10:00 a.m. I am proud to be running for a second term on City Council. I’m ready to earn your support, and to keep building a great city that is focused on a positive future.

Better Decisions at Future Capital Line Intersections

Throughout my first term on Council, I have heard from a number of constituents about their concerns and frustrations with the Capital Line LRT, specifically relating to the difficulties experienced crossing the intersections along 111 Street. Yesterday, a report was released that detailed the anticipated performance of the various intersections along the SE portion of the Valley Line LRT and to say this information was pleasing would be false.

Public Engagement that Mattered

Good decisions are rooted in good policy and good policy is built on a foundation of meaningful public engagement. In my first term on council nothing has received more of my attention than my focus on improving public engagement in Ward 10.

Bus Route Reallocation


As some of you may already know, Edmonton’s bus routes will be going through city-wide changes next week. After many months of research and route studies, the City will be paring back certain bus routes and reallocating “bus hours” from low ridership routes to high ridership ones.

Better Construction

I ran for City Council because I wanted to be a part of a team committed to building a great city. Because of this, I was a big supporter of an ambitious 2015-2018 Capital Budget. However, it is no secret that the City has seen its fair share of construction challenges. In particular, there have been concerns over a perceived lack of oversight and mismanagement of some of our major capital projects, in particular, the Walterdale Bridge, Metro Line, and 102nd Avenue bridge. There are also local examples too; drainage project gone awry in Greenfield lead to repeated attempts to fix a road properly. This is not okay.

The Politics of Dandelions

We have been hit by a ‘perfect storm’ this year for dandelions. This is due to a combination of stretched City resources trying to cover a rapidly growing city with more developed land, ample sunshine, and generous rain, which is doubly potent as it helps dandelion growth and hinders mowing. As a result, dandelions have grown at a rate of ½ inch per day versus the standard of ⅛ inch per day. 

Century Park: Vision, Hope and Accountability

Historic and Huge

Yesterday Council unanimously approved the Century Park redevelopment plans that would see the now largely unused site and parking lot transformed into a vibrant, dense, urban village. The President of Ermineskin Community League called the plan "historic and huge". After years of hard work on the Century Park file I am proud of the community league, the plan and the opportunities it will provide our city and residents. 

The Little Mall That Could

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a passionate backer of the Petrolia strip mall in Greenfield. In 2012, before I earned my spot on council, I started the Fix Petrolia Mall Committee with some neighbours. I remain just as committed today as I was then to ensuring the mall’s growth into a vibrant community hub. While development hasn’t always been as quick as I would have hoped, we have come a long way since 2012 and that is cause for celebration.

Recognizing Champions Takes More Than Signs

I was so sick I couldn’t go to school the next day. How could Steve Smith have done that? How did Fuhr not see it in time to lift his pad? I laid home in my bed. I was 14 years old. I was devastated. I played the goal over and over in my head. It was a terrible day for me and for the city I so badly wanted to live in.

I grew up in Drayton Valley, a smallish oilfield town, with my eyes and my future aimed squarely at Edmonton. My first glimpse of love for the city was as a fan of their football team. I still remember the great CBC montages of the five Eskimo Grey Cups spanning the late 70’s and early 80’s, with Waddell Smith, the great wide receiver, running away from the defense waving behind him as Kenny Loggins’ emotionally charged song Key Largo played over the images of dominance.

Solidifying Our Commitment to Neighbourhood Renewal

In 2009, Edmonton became, and still is today, the only city in Canada that has a program geared towards developing a long-term, cost-effective approach to fixing neighbourhood roads, sidewalks, and lights. At today’s Council meeting, we further solidified this commitment by approving a policy that protects the dedicated funds in the Neighbourhood Renewal Reserve, ensuring that this program can continue to build on its success.