Be Counted!

I want to know more about you. Of course, I always want to know about your thoughts on our progress and different projects in the community, but this time, it’s personal. I want you to participate in Edmonton’s 2016 census.

Census data is very important for governments. Not only does it let us know where we are in terms of demographics like age and income, but tracking the trends in that data helps us to plan for where we are going. If I, as an elected official, don’t know the make-up of my area and the City at large, it’s hard for me to bring that into consideration when looking at City policies.

The census will be coming to a doorstep very near you in the next few weeks in two ways. For the first time, we have a great online reporting option for residents. You’ll receive a postcard in your mailbox shortly, and that will give you an access code for filling out the census. Go to this website to fill out the census using your access code.

If you’d prefer not to use the online option, census workers will be hitting the doors starting April 15. They’ll record data using new tablets that save hundreds of hours of processing time for staff. They’ll walk you through a few questions about your household, and that will be that!.

If you’d like to see more information on Edmonton’s past census data, you can check out the results from the 2014 census here.