Arts and culture makes cities great

I believe vibrant arts and culture make great cities. The Art of Living and Public Art Master Plan are strategic directions I support and embrace whole-heartedly.

A festival of festivals

Edmonton has been called the Festival City for good reason. The number of high-energy festivals, from art to music to theatre and beyond is significant. I have heard from many Edmontonians that there may be a way for our individual festivals to collaborate and build new and significant awareness of Edmonton on a global level as an international hub for the arts.  I’m curious to know if a super festival could work and see where discussions may lead us. The economic potential is enormous.

A city of writers

I’d like to briefly touch on an interesting new direction in the promotion of arts and culture in our city. I will work to launch The City of Writers Initiative. This city has an abundance of gifted writers. They do not find themselves in the limelight like other arts professions. But I would like to change that. There are a number of initiatives that I would propose that would give them the platform and the backing to help writers write and succeed. From City Hall book launches to finding and securing financial support through the Edmonton Arts Council to help launch careers. 

A city of partnerships

Philanthropy is synonymous with the arts. And philanthropists want to invest in the arts where there is public interest. How do you work with arts supports and ask them to support arts and culture? The answer is in the public interest itself and our ability as a city to promote the arts. I believe we can do a better job focusing on the outstanding achievements of our arts community, and with that promotion we can attract more support.

An artists everywhere approach

Speaking of support, there is no question our creative arts community needs a place to live and thrive. They require affordable places to create a lifestyle that allows them to contribute to our communities. Other cities have helped identify communities where arts districts have been developed and I believe we can do the same. I will work hard to promote affordable, suitable and sustainable arts spaces in our city.

For more information on my arts policy please look at my detailed responses to the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton’s Vote #yegarts survey.