Michael Walters Ward 10 City Councillor

Meet Michael

In his first term on City Council, Michael was a Council lead for public engagement, affordable housing, energy transition and climate change adaptation. In addition to his regular duties, Michael also served on numerous Capital Region Board planning committees, the Annexation Negotiating Committee and the Community & Curriculum Advisory Committee for the University of Alberta Planning Program.

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An Open City

Next month will mark the first year anniversary of Edmonton’s Insight Community, an online tool designed to promote engagement and feedback between the City and residents.

Reflecting on Service and Respect

Monday night, our City was struck by a terrible tragedy - the loss of one of our police officers and the injury of another in the line of duty.

Friday on 40th Avenue - Bike Lane Conversations

If you live in the communities of Greenfield, Royal Gardens, Aspen Gardens, Rideau Park, or Duggan, or if you use 40th Avenue and 106th Street regularly, I’ve got some wonderful news.

The Dream of Regional Transit Flirts with Reality

If you close your eyes and dream for a moment, it is possible to imagine how a safe, well run, single regional transit entity could contribute to making the Edmonton Metropolitan region a smartly planned, economically dynamic, culturally powerful part of the world.

Childhood Mental Health and the CASA Foundation

Mental health disorders represent some of the fastest growing disabilities in Canada, and these disorders can affect anyone.

Democracy, Public Engagement, and Civil Society

How can our democracy be healthy? How can public engagement be effective and meaningful?

Proactive Approaches to Community Policing

Today, Community Services Committee received the Edmonton Police Service’s 2016-2018 Business Plan. Much of the plan focuses on their three year plan to catch up with Edmonton's rapid growth, and on building a modern, responsive, and prevention-focused force. I raised two issues at the meeting that I think are particularly important in terms of reducing calls for service and containing resource needs.

An Update on the Arena Project

Yesterday in City Council, we received an update on the progress of the downtown arena project. Overall, it was a very positive report - the project is progressing on time and on budget, and the other associated projects, like the Edmonton Civic Tower and the Casino site, are on track as well.

Standing Up for Edmonton

This past week Mayor Iveson delivered his State of the City address to 2200 Edmontonians. This event is always amazingly well-attended, and there is no question why. People are eager to hear the Mayor’s thoughts on the direction of our City’s collective energy.

Council Takes a Big Step Towards a Sustainable Future

"From a large planet of overwhelming magnitude, unlimited resources and endless mystery, the Earth has suddenly become a small planet, thoroughly explored, limited in resources, and reduced in mystery." - Thomas Berry 

Edmonton's Energy Transition Strategy

"The ultimate purpose of business is not, or should not be, simply to make money. Nor is it merely a system of making and selling things. The promise of business is to increase the general well-being of humankind through service, a creative invention and ethical philosophy." - Paul Hawken

The Mayor's Celebration of the Arts

A senator, a break dancer, and a poet laureate walk into a bar….

Urban Coyotes in Greenfield

There’s a good lot of them, their behaviour is often bad, and the consequences of their presence can be ugly. Coyotes in urban areas can cause problems for adults, children, and pets who interact with them, and these coyotes have become more of a problem in Greenfield in the past few months.

Growth, Density, and the Way Forward

I am confident in stating that Edmontonians universally believe Edmonton should be a more compact city. The question is, how do we get there?

Getting to work on re-planning Ward 10’s bike lanes this May and June

Spring has set in across Ward 10 and many of you have been reminded about the bike lanes you have asked me to deal with. I want to thank people for their patience as I’ve worked to create the necessary conditions to make the improvements the large majority of my constituents want. This May and June we will complete the work in our communities to come up with a new plan for some of the lanes in the Ward with the intent of bringing that plan to council this fall.

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