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Posted on August 26

Fairness for Edmonton

Sharing the costs of a growing region. I’m a believer that a strong Edmonton makes for a strong Capital Region, and vice versa. However, we need to start sharing the costs associated with our region’s growth. This way, we can all feel good about sharing the benefits. 

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Posted on August 15

A commitment to well managed and modern transportation

Edmonton was built for cars. Like many North American cities, Edmonton has enormous roadway infrastructure, and like many winter cities we are struggling to transition to a more diversified transportation system. 

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Posted on August 13

A fair shake for mature neighbourhoods

It’s pretty safe to say that a great deal of Edmonton’s financial, political and creative capital has been expended in downtown and new suburbs in the last 15 years. Edmonton has grown and changed a lot. It's exciting.

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Posted on August 02

"Responsible" borrowing.

Updated: September 11th, 2013. "Responsible" borrowing is a regrettable but necessary tool for big cities. Since I began door-knocking in April many voters have raised the issue of our city’s debt. Many are worried about "frivolous spending" and our ability to pay it off.

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Posted on July 19

Looking out for Lilly in Landsdowne

I met Lilly Wednesday night in Lansdowne. She is a senior and a widow. She raised her family in the house she has lived in now for over 50 years. Lilly doesn’t move around the city much. She doesn’t go downtown. She doesn’t go to Hawrelak Park. She takes the bus to Southgate when she needs the basics.

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