Latest News from Ward 10

Posted on October 15

Snow clearing: Let’s be the best

Edmonton spends a lot of money on snow clearing. Of course, we can't ignore our winters. The snow has to be dealt with. So why, with a $50 million dollar annual budget - double Calgary's - are so many citizens dissatisfied? It's a complex matter. So let's set aside complaints for a moment and face some cold facts.

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Posted on October 14

Investing in the early years

As a parent with two younger children, I believe that every child deserves a strong start in life. In fact, there is an abundance of research suggesting that much of a child’s health, wellbeing and success are shaped by the early years of life. That is why I have been an advocate for strong early years initiatives. In particular, I was involved in the development of the South West Edmonton Early Childhood Development Coalition.

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Posted on October 08

Arts and culture makes cities great

I believe vibrant arts and culture make great cities. The Art of Living and Public Art Master Plan are strategic directions I support and embrace whole-heartedly.

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Posted on October 02

A city of parks

In Skyrattler and Blue Quill (two Ward 10 communities) many people there are struggling against the city over the future use of their surplus plus school site land. The city technically considers the site a building envelope left over from the original development where a school was planned but never built. They were recently zoned for future infill housing development. But the community considers it important green space and they are fighting to protect it....

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Posted on September 26

Bicycle Lanes need to make sense

I am committed to a full review of the bike lane strategy in South Edmonton and will host a public meeting on this topic within 30 days of being elected. I am very concerned about the confusion and subsequent safety issues arising for motorists and cyclists.

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