Latest News from Ward 10

Posted on November 08

Reflections on swearing in

The typically powerful roots of family and sacrifice buoyed me as I waited to be sworn in to Edmonton city council on October 29th. My feelings that day reflected my disposition as a leader in our city. I was filled with memory, with gratitude and with hope.

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Posted on October 28

My thanks to everyone

It’s been one week since the election. What a great night we had last Monday. Thanks to months of hard work, we won decisively.

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Posted on October 20

I'm ready to work for you

Today is the last day of the campaign. The election is tomorrow. I entered this election in April because I have been working to make Edmonton a better place for 20 years. 

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Posted on October 19

Leading the Urban Ag conversation

Fresh is Edmonton’s food and urban agricultural strategy. It is a document that is worth reading and promoting because the City of Edmonton has a commitment to a strategy that is not only about sustainability in an ever growing municipal landscape, it focuses on opportunities that make our city a healthy community and healthy economy.

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Posted on October 15

Snow clearing: Let’s be the best

Edmonton spends a lot of money on snow clearing. Of course, we can't ignore our winters. The snow has to be dealt with. So why, with a $50 million dollar annual budget - double Calgary's - are so many citizens dissatisfied? It's a complex matter. So let's set aside complaints for a moment and face some cold facts.

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