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Posted on May 12

Council/Committee Round Up - May 2017

Alley Renewal At Council this week, Council voted in favour of spending $20 million over the next 25 years on the Alley Renewal Program. This aggressive approach will allow for a faster pace when repaving alleys that have earned a failing grade of "F." Property owners would see an increase by 0.1 percent over four years, which for the average homeowner amounts to adding about $4 more to the tax bill each year. To learn...

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Posted on April 27

Out of scale. Out of sync. Out of line.

The title of this post was carefully chosen to reflect my strong disapproval of the  Alldritt tower proposal. Quite frankly, I feel that it is out of scale with the river valley and out of sync with the Quarters' ARP. Additionally, I felt that the decision-making process was out of line with, what I consider to be, good governance. To further clarify my stance on the proposal, I've included my closing comments from yesterday's Public...

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Posted on April 26

A City Well Built - New Capital Project Management Framework

Capital Infrastructure Management Framework At yesterday’s Council, Council passed a new policy - Capital Infrastructure Management Framework. The report outlines a draft policy approach to governing the management of capital projects. This approach relies on the implementation of the Project Development and Delivery Model to provide better information to make investment decisions and to provide improved information on project schedule and budget. 

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Posted on April 12

Decision Day on DRAINAGE

I supported the transfer of our city drainage system to EPCOR today. The motion to transfer passed 7- 6. I also stated very clearly that now is the time for City Council to become a more engaged representative of the shareholders of EPCOR. The citizens of Edmonton are the shareholder. City Council as the shareholders representative must expect more engagement with citizens, a deeper commitment to innovation and renewable energy and leadership on environmental stewardship...

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Posted on April 05

A win for transparency, accountability and community leadership.

On April 4, City Council approved a new Public Engagement Policy, which marks an important step forward on public engagement for Edmontonians. Its goal is to re-define the relationship citizens have with their municipal government. This policy and strategy raises the bar on transparency, accountability and leadership in our city for our citizens.

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