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Posted on February 03

Building on the Ravine: Edmonton's Top of Bank Regulations

Edmonton’s river valley, ravine network, and the homes adjacent to them are part of Edmonton’s splendidness. Over the past year or so, there have been some of important questions raised by constituents regarding infill and densification on lots adjacent to ravine banks. Yesterday, Executive Committee received a report on the subdivision of lots located on the ravine. I committed to examining this issue, and today’s report marks a step forward in that exploration.

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Posted on January 27

The Business of Ride-Sharing

The Uber regulation struggle has finally reached a tentative conclusion, and I for one cannot be happier to move on to other topics. Not because this debate was unimportant, but it has taken up it’s fair share of our time and the public discourse over the past year.  

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Posted on January 19

2016 Must be a Year of Competency, Collaboration, and Focus

Edmontonians are committed to competency. It is in our nature and in our history. Our city is filled with builders, inventors, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, and hard working folks committed to excellence and to mastery- whether they’ve been here for generations or only just arrived. But for the City, 2015 was defined in many ways by the opposite - by failed projects.

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Posted on December 17

Happy Holidays from Michael Walters and the Ward 10 Team

2015 has been an incredible year, and I’m proud of what this Council has been able to accomplish. We passed our first multi-year Operating Budget, the Energy Transition Strategy is gaining steam, and our relationships with our regional partners are stronger than ever.

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Posted on December 08

Infill and the City's Bottom Line

At a Special Executive Committee meeting yesterday, Councillors were presented with reports on the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay Review, the Subdivision Process, and the top of bank zoning questions that Executive Committee posed to Administration in early October.

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