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Posted on November 17

Vehicle-for-Hire: The Continuing Saga

We’re at it again: Vehicle-for-hire, most commonly thought of as Uber versus taxis, has returned to City Council in the form of new proposed bylaw amendments. As usual, nobody on either side of the Uber/Taxi debate is happy with the proposal. Such is life in the vehicle-for-hire world, apparently.

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Posted on November 13

No Crumbling City: Neighbourhood Renewal and the Operating Budget

Last week, I wrote about the proposed 4.9% property tax increase. Long story short, I don’t support a 4.9% increase. In tough economic times when many Edmontonians are struggling with job losses, Council has to respond by cutting down on ‘want’ projects and ensuring our ‘needs’ are being met effectively. Mayor Iveson has lead the charge this past week on restraint both by suggesting "we stick to our jurisdiction" and by making some hard choices....

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Posted on November 06

Reducing the Property Tax Load

I campaigned on a city building agenda. I want to invest strategically in maintaining and enhancing the $40 billion dollars of assets owned by the city. I want to fix crumbling neighbourhoods as quickly as possible. I want to invest in a modern progressive city that continues to attract the brightest people from around the world, not just because they can find a job here, but because this is a great city with great neighbourhoods...

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Posted on October 29

GPS Snow Removal

Winter in Edmonton is always coming and it’s never too early to get prepared. On a personal note my snowshoes are by the front door ready for that first beautiful snowfall. Bring it on! From a city perspective we need to get prepared for snow.

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Posted on October 23

Growing our Non-Residential Tax Base

City Council is about to debate our first ever three-year operating budget starting next month. As we consider this budget and future budgets, it is time to elevate the conversation on Council and among citizens about the importance of non-residential taxes. We have an opportunity to build our industrial tax base, innovate our economy, and reduce tax increases for residents while still keeping up with core service demands and our ambitious city building agenda.

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