Latest News from Ward 10

Posted on March 25

Update on Petrolia Mall

Yesterday we got some great news for Ward 10. Executive Committee just reallocated funding that will provide some financial assistance to businesses for facade improvements to Petrolia Mall. Four other locations throughout the City were also approved for pilot projects under the umbrella of Facade Improvement.

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Posted on March 17

An Educated City is a Great City

As we wait for the provincial budget to be released, one of the ideas being mused about is the removal of the cap on post-secondary tuition, which is currently tied to the rate of inflation. I believe that this would be the wrong move for a number of reasons.

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Posted on March 11

The State of Our Alleys

  They’re all around us. Lurking. They are some of the worst offenders in the on-going war on potholes. They are back alleys, and they are a big problem.

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Posted on March 05

"Through My Eyes"- Youth Homelessness

It’s not often that we get a movie day at City Hall, but on March 3rd, Councillors had the opportunity to spend an hour with representatives from the Edmonton Youth Council watching “Through My Eyes”. The film was locally filmed and produced by some amazing young Edmontonians, and centres around the challenges faced by homeless youth in Edmonton.

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Posted on March 04

Smoke Free Churchill Square

Last July, I was passing through Churchill Square during "movie in the square night" I paused to watch for a while. I saw three young girls and their father enjoying the show. Next to them sat a couple of guys, who had decided to light up some cigarettes. The father asked the men to stop smoking, and they declined. He asked them to move, and they again declined. So he and the little girls packed...

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