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Posted on October 07

Complementary Transit: BRT in Edmonton

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a blog post on the Century Park Park and Ride that an upgraded system of express buses might be one way to supplement the loss of parking at Century Park. Fortuitously, today’s Transportation Committee featured a discussion of a different sort of bus network, one that could also improve the transit situation in south Edmonton: Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT for short.

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Posted on September 22

The New Wave: Reconciling Uber with Edmonton's Bylaws

Nobody can say that the job of a City Councillor is boring. This afternoon’s meeting on vehicle for hire and ride-sharing regulations was a little tumultuous at times. In fact council was holed up in our bunker for around an hour as meeting attendees reacted angrily in our chambers.

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Posted on September 16

Edmonton's Infill Roadmap is 1 Year Old

Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap is one year old. It is a good time to look back over the past year and reflect on our progress, particularly in light of the Infill Roadmap Progress Report. The roadmap was built to address our rapid growth and challenges facing mature communities. Edmonton has to grow much differently in the next thirty years than we did in the last thirty. In order to do this effectively we need to ensure the...

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Posted on September 11

LRT is Still Our Future

LRT is the future of this city.

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Posted on September 04

Let's Get a Move on: Edmonton's Ride-Sharing Bylaws

As summer fades out, we’ve come back around to one of the top issues from last winter, that of ride-sharing companies operating in the City.

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