Latest News from Ward 10

Posted on March 05

Through My Eyes

It’s not often that we get a movie day at City Hall, but on March 3rd, Councillors had the opportunity to spend an hour with representatives from the Edmonton Youth Council watching “Through My Eyes”. The film was locally filmed and produced by some amazing young Edmontonians, and centres around the challenges faced by homeless youth in Edmonton.

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Posted on March 04

Smoke Free Churchill Square

Last July, I was passing through Churchill Square during "movie in the square night" I paused to watch for a while. I saw three young girls and their father enjoying the show. Next to them sat a couple of guys, who had decided to light up some cigarettes. The father asked the men to stop smoking, and they declined. He asked them to move, and they again declined. So he and the little girls packed...

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Posted on February 27

Bogani Cafe Meet-Up

One of the (relatively) tough things about being a City Councillor is how much time you have to spend downtown. Don’t get me wrong, I love Edmonton’s downtown - but its no Ward 10. It's important to me to be spending a lot of time talking with people in my Ward and seeing the issues up close. 

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Posted on February 24

Transition to Community Mailboxes

Our office is hearing many concerns about Canada Post's conversion to community mailboxes. We are forwarding all concerns to the Canada Post Director of Municipal Affairs. The city of Edmonton has no authority over this matter. But read on and find out how we are willing to help. As Canada Post adapts to the information age, they are making some changes to the way they operate. One change is the installation of community mailboxes as...

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Posted on February 11

Decoteau - How Dense Should Our New Suburbs Be?

At the Public Hearing on February 9th, Council voted 6-5 to refer Bylaw 17011 - the Decoteau Area Structure Plan (ASP) - back to our administration to work with the proponents to improve aspects of the plan. I'm glad we did. Since Monday, there has been quite a bit of discussion about this plan, its specifics, and the debate during the hearing. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the plan and how...

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