Latest News from Ward 10

Posted on March 19

Sprucing Up Our Strip Malls

The Italian Centre on 51 Avenue is my happy place. If you go there on a Saturday afternoon, it’s packed. The deli lineup is twenty people deep. The people who shop there come from across the Ward and across the city. The cannoli alone are worth the trip. Why am I waxing poetic about the Italian Centre? Well, it’s a great example of a thriving local business in a mature neighbourhood, and yesterday, Executive Committee...

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Posted on March 15

Valley Line LRT

Last December, City Council passed a motion telling the citizens of Edmonton, the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada that building the southeast leg of the LRT (the Valley Line) was our number one infrastructure priority.

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Posted on February 21

Skyrattler First Place Site

In Skyrattler, a community in the south part of Ward 10, I’ve heard many concerns about the use of a surplus school site for the First Place program. These aren’t NIMBY concerns. Reasonable and engaged community leaders have asked excellent questions about development on that site. As surplus school sites go, it’s pretty small. And Skyrattler is a fairly dense neighbourhood: 84 per cent of housing in Skyrattler is multifamily. While the First Place surplus...

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Posted on February 11

We Need To Talk About Cities

Canada’s Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, delivered Economic Action Plan 2014 (Budget 2014) today. He gave a speech to the House of Commons. In a couple thousand words, this speech talked about red tape, pipelines, and national parks, among other things. These are important things to talk about and are, as Mr. Flaherty mentioned, a responsible way to a brighter future for Canadians. But 81 per cent of Canadians live in cities or urban areas,...

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Posted on February 06

Downtown Office Tower

Today, the City of Edmonton announced that we’ve successfully concluded negotiations with the EAD First Street Building Corporation to lease space for City staff in a new office tower. I recognize that some of you may have questions about this announcement, so I want to share some of the background with you.  The City has been reviewing its space needs for City staff in the downtown core for a few years. We have about 3000...

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